Under Infinity

Give me some bad advice,

I’ll always ask you over, 

still drunk from last night, 

And last nights lover. 

Glass after glass of wine, 

Candy shots to pass the time, 

Headaches and hangovers, 

Heartache and love under covers. 

Poems and short stories, 

Days spent in front of the mirror, 

Fifths of vodka and forties, 

Dreaming of you and I forever.

Short arguments and blowout fights, 

Long silences and sleepless nights. 

Everything resolved with a kiss, 

That, my dear, is our bliss. 

So what is age but a number?  

You’re an eternity over,

and me?  

Well I’m infinities under. 

AN: Oh good lord I’m writing happy sappy shit again…. Someone send help. On second thought- don’t. 😉


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