Self Love Affair

Movies watched alone,

Tickets bought for one;

Small drink,

and no popcorn. 


Nights with no love to be found

And those with the occasional stranger,

Buys her drinks and makes her rounds, 

Learning names she won’t remember. 

Days out and nights in, 

Joy so strong it must be sin. 

Pain from pleasure and pleasure from pain, 

One from love and the other from gin. 

Adventures and midnight drives, 

With only the radio for noise. 

Sunsets and night skies,

Falling for her own smiles. 

Slowly learning to see, 

The beauty in the mirror, 

the strength in being free,

And the fire within her. 

Meals eaten alone,

Across an empty chair,

Caught up in her very own, 

Self love affair. 


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