Hello stranger, it’s been a while. 

I swear I almost forgot,

The color of your eyes. 

Were they always so deep,

Did they always have,

This effect on my heartbeat?

Did your voice always sound, 

As dark as thunder, 

Or an earthquake in the ground? 

Did your touch always spark, 

Such a shock,

That it stopped my heart? 

Hello stranger, how long has it been?

Since I’ve heard your confessions, 

And loved your sins? 

Did your grip always leave,

Dark bruises on my wrists, 

And my voice hoarse from screams?

Was it always your intent,

To rip my wings from my back,

And keep me here till the end? 

Hello stranger, who loves you now? 

Who do you turn on,

When the world beats you down?

I’ll tell you who I turn to, 

the girl in the mirror,

who grew strong as you grew cruel.  

Her eyes are deeper than yours,

And they sparkle with a passion,

That rivals the stars.

Her smile is brighter than the moon,

It’s something I’ve never seen before,

Prettier than I ever knew. 

And her heart is of gold, silver, and sapphire, 

With the color of ruby, 

Lit by the flames of her fire. 

And she’ll never need you again, 

Never have to feel,

Her heart break and bend.  

Goodbye stranger, I wish I could lie, 

And say that seeing you, 

has been a delight.  

But if I were to be honest, which I try,

Leaving you in the past, 

Was what saved my life. 

To the stranger I knew and loved. 


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