Midnight Lies

Fate acted like clockwork as my gaze met yours; when late night fun turned to breakfast at four. An effusive (as you called it) smile across my face, our bodies touched in a quick embrace. I pulled back and  you lured me in, promising charm with every devilish grin.
Sparkling conversation lit up the stars, I asked where you live and you replied “not far’. I struggled internally spinning my finest monologue, “good girls don’t do this” “good girls don’t get caught”.
A crisis here and a crisis there, I ran off to unmuddle a companion’s affairs. I turned and asked “will you wait for me?” You turned and said “Come back and see.”
Much to my delight, much to my surprise, my return was met by the stars in your eyes. I saw your horns and stepped back in fear; you extended your hand-
“Coming, my dear?”
What else could I do, but follow you then? When you whisked me off to world’s end? Rather, just nine levels down, under the skies and amongst the clouds.
That night I spent lost in the drunken ether, gasping for breath and burning from your fever. For every touch and every kiss, left me on fire in hell’s purest bliss.
And when the sun arose and pulled me awake, I soon realized our biggest mistake. For thinking what happened in night could last, you’d think I’d have learned from my own past. Well nothing good lasts forever, but this heavenly night in hell I’ll always remember.
So with a smile and dry eyes I bid you adieu, and my search for the angel Lucifer continued.


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