Devil of My Winters

“He said ooh baby girl you know we’re gonna be legends…”

This summer went by in a blue of heated evenings, muted stars, and shots of tequila. I barely noticed as the leaves started to turn and the evenings cooled off; too wrapped up in my desperate illusion of a never ending summer…

And then I met him. He was the coldest moon of winter warmed with the scorching sun of summer. He reconciled those three burning months with the freezing of the earth and whispered warm words to me with Jack Frosts’ bite.

I looked at him, felt his cold hands bring beads of sweat to my skin, and fled. I could not survive another warm winter and frozen summer.

Yet something in him called to me; a reminiscence of a flame I once had. Similar, but different in all the ways that mattered. I found myself enchanted with the world of possibilities promised by his sly grin. He stood there, hand patiently extended, Lucifer’s own smile luring me in.

I felt myself take a single step- one that had the potential to launch a journey of a thousand smiles and a million tears- in his direction. Triumph flashed in his eyes as I delicately places my hand in his, and we flew down Hell’s Highway… Leaving nothing but white feathers and flames in our wake.

“…I know you wanna go to heaven but you’re human tonight.”


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