How Heartbreak Starts

“You don’t have to love every person you date.” He’d said, resting his hands on her hips and pulling her against him. He leaned back against his truck, meeting her wide eyed gaze with steady blue eyes. She searched them, looking for the slightest flicker of sadness or betrayal but found nothing but kindness and sincerity. She broke eye contact with him and looked down, focusing on the dip in his collarbone.

“I know.” she mumbled. She opened her mouth to say something else when she felt his fingers lift her chin and her eyes found sanctuary in his again.

“It’s. Okay.” He said quietly but firmly, leaning in.

In that moment the world slowed as her lips met his. In his kiss she found everything she didn’t know she needed. In his arms she found safety and in his heart she found a soul so surely damned for hell that it had to be her salvation.

In honor of the man in whose soul I found the devil to my demons.  


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