I know that’s not original 

and we don’t care 

about us anymore, 

but I’ll be damned if you ain’t

the first thing I thought of 

when I felt the word 


Ex to see,
I don’t know where you went 

But I guess I’m finally free

From my devil heaven sent. 

And I haven’t seen you

In far too long, 

But I don’t really want to,

And you’re too far gone. 

Past gone present,

Present into the future, 

A new beginning from your end,

A new love from my hurt.

Well see I’m safe now, 
Wrapped up in this need, 

I can forget all about…

Your poisonous ecstasy. 


On the Drug called “Travel” 

This taste of travel had awakened in her mouth a thirst for more. 

She wanted to drink in the sights of places she’d never even dreamed of going to, she wanted to sample each lands treasures with her senses. 

She was no longer content with simply sitting and appreciating her surroundings, she wanted to venture out and get into all sorts of trouble with people whom she had no business associating herself with. 

She wanted to reach out and pluck from the sky the stars, and keep them like fireflies in a jar. She would use this starlight to illuminate her path, for she had every intention of walking with the moon and sun, above the clouds. 


Lady Luxe 

In memoriam of the memories a year past. 

Empty Storms

There are dark people in this world. Those with the dangerous ability to make you fall deeply and hopelessly in love with them. They appear so twisted and broken that you will end up pouring all of your fire into the dark cavernous crevices of their hearts, attempting to bring some light to the soul sucking blackness. What instead will happen is that they will drain you of your life and your blood. They will suck all of the love from you until you are left a broken shell, dependent on their touch and their twisted version of love to survive. You will be unrecognizable not only to others around you but to yourself as well. You will find yourself unable to understand who that person in the mirror is- they will look like a completely different being to you. 
There are dark people in this world. People with the ability to make you change every fiber of your being for the love that they hold so promisingly in front of your face, always out of reach… People who will make you fall in love with them, with no intention of loving you in return.

King In a Gilded Crown

A fool, 

holding a kings court. 

Presides over his courtesans- distracted by the flood of shiny jewels, 

Ignorant of the subtle metal glints of various brilliant blades; 

all dripping blood. 

He wears his jesters hat 

As a kings crown, 

Deluded into thinking 

the bright bells on his head,

Will protect himself from those who want him six feet in the ground. 

Mistakes laughter and wicked grins,

For loyalty and ignorance of his sins. 

Thinks every pretty face wants not a thing more, 

Than to be this king’s common whore. 

Happily betrays his closest friends,

Gives everyone a means to his end. Supports those who would see him fall,

Does nothing about the serpents in his halls. 

Oh look, look at this fool of a king, 

How much longer does he think,

His shiny jewels will let,

Him keep his head on his neck? 

Halos and Horns

He ripped her halo from her hair,

and smashed it to the floor. 

She kissed him deeply, 

And begged for more. 

He plucked her wings, 

Feather by feather. 

She held him tight, 

Clinging to their “always and forever”. 

He sunk his claws deep into her, 

And ripped her apart. 

She gave him the knife from her back, 

And her bleeding heart. 

He broke her down,

Shattered her to pieces. 

Yet all she would do, 

Was do her best to keep him. 

The more he destroyed her, 

The more she loved him. 

She lived to burn and hurt, 

She lived to love his sins. 

Dance With My Devil

I’ll keep dancing with you,

My Devil. 

Along with all our demons, 

Until this fiery hell,

burns out, 

into the ashes

of a new heaven. 

Step by step lead me along,

word by word weave your lies to be strong.

Wind us around and hold us both fast,

trapped in this waltz until we breathe our last.

For I would follow your lead, no matter where,

heaven or hell; until the last count I’ll be there.

I will continue, long after you’re gone,

to dance with your ghost in the shadows of our song.

On Why Storms are Named After People

I pity the man who has to love me after you.

He will show up on my doorstep with roses, ready and eager to erase the bad taste you left in my mouth.

He will say all the right things at the right time, only to be eventually frustrated that I do not respond to his romantic overtures, because even the rivers of sweetness he pours over me will forever be overpowered by the bitterness your name left on my tongue.

He will have to deal with the nightmares that leave me voiceless from screaming, but he will not be able to chase them away. You were the only one who could send me into a dreamless sleep- until you became the monster that haunts me now. He, unfortunately, will only be able to give my voice back to me so I can scream it away again.

He will hold me on my cold days, and I will enjoy the warmth for a while. But it will be nothing compared to the fire that I felt stirring in your heart when my head laid on your chest.

He will do his best to show me that love is not the dark, twisted thing that you brought out in me. He will try to show me the beauty in the light of the moon, only to be disappointed when I can only bask in the shadows.

He will wonder why I ever loved you- you, who plucked my wings and ravaged my back with scars from the knife you repeatedly plunged into it. He will ponder this as he works to stitch up every gaping wound, astounded when they do not close and heal, but instead reopen and continue to bleed.

And eventually, like all others, he will leave. dumbfounded and sick of being haunted by a demon that wasn’t even his.

AN: This is one of the darkest things I’ve written in a while. Most of the time, the things I write correlate directly to how I feel, but I can honestly say that while this definitely came from feelings that I’ve had, I haven’t felt like this in regards to love in quite a while. I’ve healed from what the last owner of my heart did to me, I’ve put all the broken pieces back together and I did it all by my self. (With a lot of help from solid girlfriends). I wrote this to let go of the last little bit of unhealthy devotion I felt to Him, to finally exorcise the demon that’s been inhabiting itself in my thoughts. Of course you all will see that I never quite stop writing about love and heartbreak, but from now own it won’t be from my perspective or from my feelings. I’m finally done whining and crying about the unfairness of life and love, instead I’ll be highlighting the good in the bad and the bad in the good.


Lady Luxe